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ACE Moulding

客户名称: ACE Moulding 合作时间: 2015/8/29
所属行业: 外贸网站案例 服务项目: 网站建设、网站优化
ACE Moulding


以上就是深圳网站建设公司华创互联为“ACE Moulding ”提供的网站建设服务内容,更多有关网站建设网站设计网站制作企业网站建设外贸网站建设网络营销推广等互联网应用服务都可以联系我们!QQ: 290697034 ,热线:0755-32871299或致电客户专线:15811826684 谭先生。

ACE Moulding
Since 2007, ACE Moulding has manufactured plastic injection molds for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Engineering Connectors, Packaging and the Medical Industry. We are full service contract manufaturer partnering with 1 and 2 Tier mold suppliers who are well-know around the globe. Our company have stayed in the competitive plastic injection mold market through our dedication to partners, respect to our workers and being true to our craft. We are involved with our clients' from concept building, tooling design, tooling run production, testing until delivery. All our project and design engineers work hand in hand with every project big or small providing support to complete the project with ease.
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