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Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd

客户名称: Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd 合作时间: 2016/12/20
所属行业: 外贸网站案例 服务项目: 网站建设、网站优化
Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd


以上就是深圳网站建设公司华创互联为“Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd”提供的网站建设服务内容,更多有关网站建设网站设计网站制作企业网站建设外贸网站建设网络营销推广等互联网应用服务都可以联系我们!QQ: 290697034 ,热线:0755-32871299或致电客户专线:15811826684 谭先生。

Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd
Hong Kong viviunited Co., Ltd. invested 1 million US dollars, incorporated in Hong Kong, a group of passionate, enthusiastic young people, a dare to struggle, dare to challenge groups, with years of experience to Sheng Fangyuan as the cradle, The electronic cigarette export trade of the new challenges, fire full. With the rapid development of the company's foreign trade business, in order to meet the company's development needs, we registered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen viviunited Co., Ltd. gifted special, and moved to the office address Jinda City Building. Since the viviunited expansion officially kicked off. The same year we have agents kanger, aspire, smoke, sigelei and other top electronic cigarette brands, and gradually form a competitive edge.
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